2018 Crisis Management Seminar Joined in by Ten European Companies

Crisis Management Seminar, participated in by forty-three (43) shore and sea-based representatives of ten (10) European Shipping companies took place on Apr 24, 2018 at Manila Bay Hotel, in Manila, Philippines. Speakers and facilitators from Gard AS, ECM Maritime Services, Seascape, ExeQserve and University of Bergen joined in this two-and-a-half (2 ½) day seminar and shared their knowledge and experiences on effective communication, leadership and maritime crises management. The aim was to help the participants gain insights about crises management and apply learnings during the crisis role-play.

After Torbjorn Eide of Klaveness gave his welcome remarks, Edwin Ebreo of ExeQserve started the learning with topic “Effective Communication”. Marius Schonberg of Gard AS, presented the “Nine Stories About Maritime Accidents” and “Involved Parties During a Maritime Casualty”. Michael Minogue of ECM Maritime Services spoke about “Qualified Individuals”. Bjorn Helge Johnsen Of University of Bergen explained “Human Behavior in the Aftermath of a Crisis”. Torbjorn Rogde of Seascape expounded “Decision Making” and facilitated Table Top.

Participating companies were BW Shipping, Gearbulk, Grieg, Nordic Maritime Services AS, Odfjell, PG Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd, Klaveness Ship Management AS, Solvang, Thome Shipmanagement Pte Ltd. ROHQ and Wilhemsen.

Klaveness has been organizing and facilitating Crisis Management Seminar for 12 years now. And since then has been headed by Mr. Torbjorn Eide.

Klaveness 33rd Officers Conference Conducted in Romania

The 33rd Officers’ Conference of Klaveness took place on Apr 10-13, 2018 in Iaki Hotel, Constanta, Romania. Thirty nine (39) maritime officers of Klaveness Shipmanagement AS (KSM) from Romania and Philippines witnessed the presentations of executives and officers of Torvald Klaveness and invited resource speakers. “Beer call” after each day’s sessions was arranged for mingling. On Apr 12, a fellowship night was held to recognize and celebrate maritime officers with loyalty awards wherein five (5) Filipino crew from Klaveness Maritime Agency Inc (KMA) were awarded, as follows: 20 years – ChOff Hilario, ChOff Brazas; 15 Years – ChEng Miscala, ChOff Simbahan; 5 yrs – Capt. Dallego.

Eighteen Filipino delegates from KMA, composed of fifteen (15) sea and three (3) shore personnel flew to Romania from Manila to attend this annual learning, fellowship and indoctrination.

Barklav Romania, an affiliate company of KSM, organized and hosted the conference.

KMTP 2018 held in Romania

The Klaveness Management Training Programme (KMTP), sponsored by Klaveness Shipmanagement AS (KSM), brought together 12 maritime officers from Romania and the Philippines at Iaki hotel, Constanta, between 15-19 April 2018 to have a five (5) day intensive training.

KMTP is a “tailor made” management development programme for leaders of KSM conducted in collaboration with Seascape since 2006. Held every year, it aims to guide and hone KSM sea personnel perform their varying leadership roles and responsibilities in Klaveness fleet. The course normally wraps up with an agreement about individual plan for development (IPD). IPD shall be used as a tool to develop themselves as officers in Klaveness.

ISM in Practice

Klaveness Ship Management AS, through the use of funds from the Steinar Mannsverk Memory Foundation, would like to contribute into raising the general awareness on HSE at schools being a part of the NSA program. The program would have the ambition to raise HSE awareness over time on improvement reporting both on quantity (increased number of reports) and quality (good analysis – proper corrective and preventive actions) again leading to a safety culture where HSE is under the skin and in the backbone of both faculty staff and students.

This year the ISM in Practice will take place at University of Cebu and Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines on November 2017.

For those Jr. Officers in the KSM fleet who are interested to be the facilitator you may contact the Training Department at Tel no. 478-5132.