Crew Management

“Ethics before profits” has been our core principle for more than 30 years. Openness, synergy and due recognition for contribution from every team-member, big or small, are keys to uphold a retention rate above 95%.

We are a team of diligent, dedicated and driven professionals. We work together to thrive and rise above organizational, geographical and cultural differences. We excel operational challenges by challenging the status quo. We maintain world-class service because we are a team of goal-oriented professionals always seeking for lasting and sustainable solution.

Our most valued assets are our top-caliber maritime officers and ratings. We actively participate in ensuring they are performing well onboard our manned vessels. We partner with our principals in managing their welfare and job performance. We join hands in creating solutions for succession and growth.

Our services include:

Sea staff Recruitment, Selection and Rotation

Recruitment, selection and crew rotation are on-going and extensive activities. Our manning pool grows, and is maintained through good relations with our seafarers, their families and industry partners. We have expertise in manning oil-chem tankers, gas carriers, cement carriers, multi-purpose ships, container and bulk vessels and have developed a good pool of qualified crew for these types of vessels.

Compliance to STCW and Labor policies of relevant stake-holders

KMA has extensive experience facilitating and processing national, STCW documents and flag state endorsements. The processing of documents is carried out by meticulously matching crew credentials with statutory, national, international and principal requirements. We proactively collaborate with our counterparts to arrange crew employment contracts as per applicable labor laws and collective bargaining agreements of our principals. Pre-employment medical checks are facilitated through accredited clinics according to the flag state and P&I (protection and indemnity) requirements of our principals.

Crew deployment and Repatriation

We assist in processing crew visas in the United States, Schengen and other EU countries, Asian countries, among others. We are well-versed in coordinating crew travel with agents to and from different ports around the world. We facilitate crew repatriation. We coordinate and follow-up post-medical and recovery programs regardless of reason, medical or otherwise.

Payroll and Allotment Services

We work with our business partners and banks to facilitate payroll and allotment processing based on the preferred arrangement of our principal. Crew allotments are computed based on prevailing bank rate. We make sure allotments are remitted on time! If part of our contractual obligation, we arrange cash-to-master as per principal instructions.

Crew Pre-Joining Familiarization Seminars

We offer extensive pre-joining familiarization to joining crew. We devote considerable hours in orienting joining crew about the principal’s policies, ISM, vessel’s SMS. We likewise conduct risk assessment seminars so that both officers and ratings joining the vessels are highly safety conscious.

KMA believes that crew wellness is as much a safety issue as it is a cost issue. Maintaining a good pool of crew who are healthy – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically is one of the most effective ways to minimize, if not, downright avoid sudden repatriations and future crew claims. Hence, in our pre-departure seminars, we take time to emphasize the importance of good work values and crew responsibility to adjust to good lifestyle, health and safety habits to ensure fitness to serve onboard ships until retirement. We also discuss financial management. Financial advisers are invited to talk about methods to save, invest and prepare for emergencies and retirement.

Crew Training, Job Performance, Retention and Succession Planning

Crew efficiency and harmony onboard is actively monitored. We partner with our principals and third-party service providers to train crew, manage job performance and create solutions for succession planning and good relationship onboard.

To sustain a good pool of quality crew, our formula is simple: we choose to provide value. We serve with quality- from the heart because we believe that quality service begets quality crew. We remain honest and respectful in all our dealings. We make sure our people are provided with due courtesy and recognition.

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