Klaveness Team Building 2019


JUNE 21, 2019 – The same fateful day where the Klaveness Manila family goes off-grid (Just a bit) to bond, get to know their colleagues more, to bolster relationships, and to get away from the daily routine of the industry.

Endless hilarity and fun ensued the moment the facilitators began the session. The Klaveness Manila family brought back home stronger relationships, better idea of who their colleagues are. And of course, who would forget the new phrases that surely made great impression, that struck us. Phrases like “What-a-guy” and “She’s gone now, I made sure of it”, others will never understand the significance of these phrases, but someone from the Klaveness Manila family will surely understand what these phrases mean to each and every one of us.

The session was all about how to know, serve, and take care of our customers better. According to Ms. Amanda Uy – one of the founding members of the Klaveness Manila family, that our customers, they are our prime assets, our lifeline. How do we take care of them and how can we satisfy them beyond their expectations? How do we earn their trust? These are the thoughts that should motivate us, move us to be ambitious, double the capacity, increase productivity and dare to challenge change. The key is to be customer- focused. Knowing them will enable us to serve them better and in the best way possible. And that is the truth, and it should be the truth of all organizations that aim to serve their customers better.

As Ryunosuke Satoro puts it: “Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean”. Mabuhay ang KLAVENESS MANILA FAMILY! By Marko Bolivar – The newest member of the Klaveness Manila family.

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