Cadetship and Manpower
Development Program

We believe that investing on people is a long-term strategy to promote sustainability and business continuity. We promote cadetship by having our Norwegian principal sponsor promising students through the NSA program. Cadets assigned onboard ships are trained and developed for “officer” position. To address specific skill-set and manpower requirement in rating positions, we also work with our principal in carrying out manpower development program.

We accept skilled individuals or new graduates from maritime schools for rating and catering positions committed to undergo the required trainings. We partner with premier maritime schools, if this is the preferred setup of our Principal. Otherwise, we select from among those referred by our active seafarers and people we trust.

Those selected for future rating and catering positions called “trainees” are assigned to train in our office until they are deemed ready for life at sea. The duration of trainee’s office familiarization and training lasts from 6 months to a year, depending on their performance and development. They are assigned different tasks that will help them develop their appreciation for seafaring. Tasks are focused on developing character, work values and professionalism, with aim to hone skills in organization, clerical, computer, communication and English.

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