Reminiscing My 35 Years in KMA


 Way back July of 1984, a very small company was conceived with nothing big but a vision that in the years to come, we will survive the stiff industry competition and be known as one preferred manning agency of the country.   It is amazing to think how far we’ve gone and accomplished. A new page in our history book just opened because we’ve turned 35 this 2019! Truly a year to reckon with pride.

The journey in the beginning was not easy.  We have to make a name in an industry that was populated by bigger and well-known players.  We have few ships then but the name we carry is a plus factor all the time. Our advantage is that our Principal: named Torvald Klaveness & Co. at that time, owns the  vessels that we crew and their reputation in the Norwegian industry is untarnished and respectable.

Back in 1984, while in partnership with United Philippines Lines, one reputable manning agency, Klaveness Maritime Agency, Inc. or KMA for short, operates the crewing part independently under a Norwegian General Manager (a former sailing Chief Engineer), a Filipino Master Mariner as the Asst. General Manager and 3 ladies performing flexible duties as needed.  You may say we are originally a Eurasian company.

Just like in the stages of our life, KMA went through operational cycles also for various reasons, but always mandated by the purpose of being better and being at our best position.  We have tried partnership twice but in the long run, remained to be the flag bearer of the Klaveness name in the Philippines. We have also moved from one place to another. i.e., from Intramuros, to Makati, to Paco, to Ermita, to Pedro Gil and finally in Mall of Asia, all for the common good.

The types of vessel we crew went through changes as well.  Pure bulk to specialized bulk, PROBO to CABU then came the Container, new CABU and now the CleanBu.  Through all these, one thing is noticeable, Klaveness vessels are no ordinary vessels. The Principal innovates and improves, according to the needs of the time.  The same with our seafarers, most of them have been trained from one type of vessel to another, thus, they too are no ordinary seafarers. They are seasoned and more competitive! 

What and how we are today, we owe a big part to our loyal, hardworking, dedicated and committed seafarers.  We wouldn’t have gone this far without their able support and cooperation. In times of urgency and emergency, we can always count on them. Their loyalty is unprecedented, having a retention record of as high as 98 %.

The families of our crew, especially to the wife, we sincerely say “Thank you for all the time that you have unselfishly let go of the  husband just for us to supply the crew needs of the vessels.” In the same manner, how you continued to understand the nature of their work when they are asked to extend or remain on board because of reasons like matrix, economical port, etc. beyond their contract period.

To our Principal: Klaveness Ship Management and all its Stakeholders, thank you for letting us carry the name Klaveness.  Our gratitude for the continued trust and confidence that we can influence integrity and honesty in the industry. Above all, thank you for making a  difference in the lives of Filipino families, for bridging the gap between poverty and dream to experience a better life and for adhering

to policies and laws strictly in order to achieve a safe environment on board the vessel or ashore.

To all the shore staff of KMA, our kudos to you for the years of hard work, dedication and commitment to be of good service to the company. We have accomplished a lot together during the last 35 years.  May we be empowered to do better for tomorrow and continue to be a part of the journey in improving the nature of shipping.  

Happy 35th Anniversary!

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